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The unmigrated full access account will be fully yours and will be fully migrated to your own email. You'll be able to change everything!

How To Migrate The Account
1) Go to account.mojang.com/migrate
2) At the "Username", "Email" and "Password" boxes put in the info you received in your mailbox.
3) Scroll down to "Details for your new Mojang account"
4) Under "E-mail" and "Repeat E-mail" put your own email where you want to move the account to
5) Click the "Migrate account" button and you now have a fully working Minecraft account. You can login with your own email and the password you received in your email.

What does "UFA" stand for?
UFA stands for Unmigrated Full Access. The accounts are fully yours because you can migrate them to your own email and change everything.

How can I get support?
You can always contact us at the live chat :) we're always open for questions or resolving problems!